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I've helped various startups + SMB's launch highly tailored projects using Ruby on Rails. Below is a basic snapshot on how we build web apps.


Every project starts with an idea, which is first converted into a wireframe. Wireframes are basically just low fidelity representations of your applications UI. We keep updating the wireframes and make many revisions until you are happy with the first look. Below are some wireframes for a fitness app.

Design + Slicing

Once we have finished the wireframes, we then create PSD mockups in the design stage. Mockups again will keep changing until we get the colours and the look and feel of all the pages right

Slicing is the process of converting the PSD files which we created in the previous stage into web pages. We use HTML/HAML, CSS, JS, JQuery for this stage.


Only after we have finished the front end, do we start the backend development work. This cannot be done simultaneously as the backend work is driven by what is needed in the front end.

We build apps using Ruby and Rails. We use Test Driven Development (TDD), and follow the best practices for building real, robust and production quality web applications.

Below is the News feed section for a social networking site

Below is the Admin Panel for a HR recruitment firm

Case Study: iTweak Reducing Their Bounce Rate by 35%

iTweak, a business that repairs Apple (iPhone, MacBook, iPod, iPad) products was looking to improve their website and increase leads from potential customers. Their old website was hosted on Wordpress.

My solution was to first add more clear and visible call-to-action buttons on the website. I made it much easier for customers to choose their device, and select the issues with their device by building a new lead generation flow. All this could be done in 3-4 clicks. I also built an admin panel which made it possible for the iTweak team to see all the enquiries in realtime, and set up auto emails so that their leads would get contacted immediately.

As they got most of their customers via SEO, I also built them a CMS so that they could quickly create pages, blogs, on their own and drive more traffic to their website. Below is a view of their new website layout built using Bootstrap.

Overall, I was able to reduce their bounce rate by ~35% by building a new layout and making a few changes. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who navigate away from the website after viewing only one page. Reducing their bounce rate meant that people are spending more time on their website, and more people are enquiring for the service.

Most importantly the number of enquiries (leads) via their website has increased since the change in the layout.

I'd love to help you build your web application and improve revenue for your business. Send me an email to connect and discuss your project.

Your website is optimised for traffic & conversions.

100% Mobile + Web Optimised

By using the world’s most popular front-end component library, Bootstrap, your website will be 100% responsive on mobile + web. I can customise the website specifically to your design.

A/B Testing is automatically included.

A/B Testing is a way to optimise your business. For example, should you use the word ‘Add To Cart’ or ‘Add to Basket’ on your home page? Or will a green colour button result in more enquiries than a red colour button? You can easily run expirements to find out the answers.

A/B testing is automatically included in your website. I’ll provide you with a dashboard on your website that shows you what your customers prefer.

Effortlessly send emails

Automatically send custom emails to everyone who enquires on your website. Using the Mailgun API you will be able to send upto 10,000 emails per month free. Your customers are always kept in the loop.

Google Optimised

The whole structure of your website will be built in a way that is recommended by Google. We will link horizontally and vertically to all the important pages. Your website’s page titles, header tags, meta descriptions and image tags will be optimised to make your appear on the top of Google.

Below is a list of tools we use to make your web app world-class:


Turbolinks is open-source software that makes your apps faster by using JavaScript to replace the page content when clicking a link. It uses HTML to render your views on the server side and link to pages as usual. When you follow a link, Turbolinks automatically fetches the page, swaps in the main body element, and merges the header, all without incurring the cost of a full page load.

Elastic Search

No matter if you are building a social network, an e-commerce platform, or a content management system, as long as your application is user facing and has a lot of data, searching is going to be a core feature for user to find necessary content. Think Amazon, Airbnb, Github, EBay, Quora, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest - just about any populate site you can think of, they all have a search bar on the top.


The code for the website is hosted securely on Github. So should another developer work with you in the future, s/he has access to it. Th code is stored under Baseline's personal account for now.


Its an SQL database service for storing details of customer, orders etc. The first 10K rows are free. After that there is a $9/month for using 10 Million rows per month. You will be in the free plan until enough customers submit their details and you cross 10K rows.


Heroku, a cloud platform service, take care of your infrastructure. I can just focus on writing code. It also has instant deployment with Git push. It is easier to scale as you build more features (or) more people start visiting your website. Another big benefit is that you pay for what you use. Initially it will be $7/month (Hobby Plan).

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine. It allows you to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data quickly.


For sending auto emails out to people from the website after they complete some action - I suggest using Mailgun. Mailgun provides 10K free emails every month. Should you need to send more than 10,000 emails per month then it is paid.

Heroku Redis

It basically makes accessing data from the database much faster + many more benefits.


Suppose there are three things that have to happen simultaneously. E.g. When a user submits a form - the app has to store the details in the database + take the user to the next page + send an email to tell you that a user has registered. There are three things which has to happen. But the user can’t wait for these things to happen. The user has to be taken to the next page instantly - and the other tasks (like sending emails etc) has to be done on the background - so that the user does not feel the time lag. For this we use Sidekiq as the background process.


The app may suddenly have some errors which we have not thought before. It may happen in real time after it is live. Instead of waiting for your customers to tell us that something was wrong or broken, I reccomend that we use a tool called Sentry which does automatic error monitoring.

Amazon AWS

This is for storing images, files securely online.

Ruby on Rails

This is an open source web application framework which we use to build your app. It makes programming in Ruby more fun and easy.


This is the best front end framework built by the designers at Twitter and Medium. It makes front-end development much easier.

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